Should my child take voice lessons?

There are a number of parents who call for lessons and say, “My child loves to sing but I don’t know if their voice is very good.  I mean, they’re not going to have a career in singing.”  Isn’t it interesting that as parents, we all sign our children up for football, basketball, lacrosse, golf, ballet, gymnastics and skiing lessons without thinking about their career in those sports?  If the child shows an interest, we write the check and drive to practice ( for the next ten years)!

If your child wants singing lessons, sign them up!  Some children have a very good sense of pitch and can match notes that are sung or played on piano instantly.  Some cannot do this right away but I have had success with these students, children and adults, and their enjoyment of the music they sing is increased.  They progress to their goal and are happy with their own results!

All of us are born with an instrument and that instrument is our voice.  Exploring the vocal range of our voices is a great journey!  Music in the school system at the elementary grade level does not use a large range of notes.  This is also true of church music hymns.  When classical or folk songs are used  in lessons, the range of the voice is extended; one can sing more notes and the approach used to access some of these voices are guided by lessons.

If you are a parent of a child who “sings all the time”, you may have a career singer on your hands!  This child has a passion for vocal music and that may be their favorite subject and activity.  Let them develop it.

Find your voice.  Support their talent!

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