Connecting to the music

So you can sing.  You’ve learned all the words, notes and rhythms.  You’ve observed the dynamics.  You understand the emotion of the text and can portray it.  But can you deliver?

You must connect your feelings about an event in your life to the text of the song.  This is how you make music your own.  There is a fine line between baring your soul to the audience , causing your own meltdown and expressing your emotion that is connected to theirs.  A shared experience; a bond.  That is what sets your musicianship apart from other singers.

In a  New York Times article, Christopher Isherwood compares the artistry of singer Barbara Cook to the singers cast in the new show “Glee”.  “…immersing myself in Ms. Cook’s artistry reminded me of what is missing from the campy production numbers in “Glee”: the human touch.”

The human touch is what you bring to the song.  What are your experiences in life that you can tie into the song you are performing?  Just identify one emotion.  Recalling that emotion as you are performing for the audience will lead the audience to tap into their personal history and identify with you.  That is the human touch.

Find your voice.

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